View of Atlantic Ocean from Site of Luxury Oceanfront Townhomes in Winthrop, MA, Ocean's Edge

A revolutionary new way of working with you.

You will have access to:

  • High level project plans
  • Pictures of the construction site
         and your residence
  • and a secure password protected area for:

  • Agreements and contracts with
         an edit trail
  • An e-mail repository of
         communication between you
         and the builder
  • Building specifications with
         feature selection and sign off
  • You’re used to information being at your fingertips via the Internet and having the ability to make decisions and purchases without time restraint and dependency on someone else’s availability. Why should it be different when purchasing a home? We are creating a new way for your to work with us by placing as much information, agreements, and communication as we can on this site. This page is under construction but we will be placing pieces on it as we develop them.