Site Data
Existing Permits
Proposed Development

Proposed Improvements

  • For the development of 150 - 175 residences in phase one.

  • Residences to be incorporated into four buildings - ranging from 48 to 60 units each

  • Two parking spaces per unit below the new construction - additional guest parking on site

  • All wood frame construction

  • All units to have harbor views by pushing up building (over parking)

  • All units have ocean views

  • All units to have 2 bedrooms and 2 baths

  • Square footage between 1000 and 1250

  • The site is substantially devoid of improvements; (all commercial facilities have been properly removed and disposed of);
  • There is one wood frame commercial structure that remains.  Currently it is being used by the owner/developer as office space;
  • The quality and nature of this improvement is unlikely to become part of any reuse strategy;
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